The Word of the Lord

June 16, 2017

What Are You Doing?

My Beloved children I ask you this day, What Are You Doing? The world my Beloved,  is in disarray, yet you sit back and do nothing.  You Beloved have been given the Power and Authority through Jesus Christ to make an impact. Beloved you can STOP the attacks and diabolical plans of the enemy against the people of this world. Why my Beloved are you afraid to claim The Name of Jesus beyond the Four walls of the Church? Remember what my Son said, If you deny Me before men, I will deny you before My Father which is in Heaven. Children hear Me and hear Me good – the people of this world are crying out and you are their answer so What Are You Doing? The god of this world is wreaking havoc on the people of this world and most of you sit back and do nothing. Did not Jesus say to you that All Power has been given unto Him and that which He has He gave it to you. So I say to you again, What Are You Doing? You Beloved have been given Power to declare a thing and it shall be. You have the power in you to change your community by the words of your mouth, so What Are You Doing? The people of this world are waiting and wanting to be free and you are their way to Jesus, so “What Are You doing?” So I tell you this, Come out of your hiding place. I Your Father say to you this day, “What Are You Doing?"

March 19, 2017

My Children of the Most High

Never regret your past. 

Your past is a path to your present. 

It was a part of the plan to where I wanted you to go.

All your hurts and all your pain are apart of your growth. I will take you to your next level.


Your test is the true testimony that will lift you up from the mess. 

That mess you may call it...I call it your message you must gave to my people.

Never be ashamed of yourself nor the  things you may have done or what you may be even doing now.


My Grace is truly sufficient.

Humble yourself.

Turn from those ways.


Lift up your hands and seek my face.


Know that My desire of you is for you to be a true reflection of My goodness.

Every person I have chosen was broken, was marred, was not worthy.

So do not allow what you think are shortcomings as an excuse!


I am tapping on the door of your door of your heart.  

As I speak and all I want is for you to do is to get up out of your test and your mess and open the door of your heart.  Let Me In! 

I will do the rest. 

Trust that is all you have to do...that is to just trust

Trust in the God that spoke this world in to mere existence. 

The Word I gave brought forth Life. 

So I charge you NOW to speak Life.

Say now...I am blessed

Say now ...I am healed.

Say now...I am an overcomer.

Say that no weapon form will ever come nigh my dwelling.


I am your Lord thy God and  there is No One before ME!

Thus saith the Lord thy God.


Word to Given His faithful servant,

Lora F.

March 27, 2016

The Time Has Come

My beloved children hear the words of your Father.  The HOUR of release IS HERE.  This is the hour beloved of divine manifestation.  I say to you, this is the ordained hour of manifested blessings, manifested dreams and manifested purpose.  I am calling you children, to rise up.  Rise UP and take your rightful place.  I am calling you out of the background, into the forefront.  So, come out I say.  Come out of the shadows into the spotlight.  I have in this hour children, eliminated all excuses.  No longer can you say, “I can’t do it because of this” or “because of that.”  For I have ordained this time beloved, the time of manifestations.  Whatever you need to walk out your divine purpose is at your disposal without any hindrance or interference from the wicked one.  Beloved children, I have wiped your slate clean so the enemy has nothing to hold over you.  Your past is irrelevant.  He cannot accuse you of what you did or didn’t do because all has been wiped clean.  So, I tell you this, YOU beloved children I have chosen, YOU beloved children the least likely have been chosen to do the Almighty.  YOU beloved have I chosen to release generational blessings upon.  YOU beloved I’ve chosen to show the world my goodness.  YOU beloved, I’ve chosen to show the WORLD that I am the Lord and beside me there is no other.  Children, this is not the time to draw back, cave in or quit.  This is the time to move forward because we have much work to do.  My beloved children, I have not called you children of defeat.  I have called each and every one of you children of VICTORY.  I your Father, in this hour have removed every roadblock, every wall and anything that the wicked one put up to try to stop you.  I’ve done this because the hour of release is here and I want my children free to move forward.   So, my beloved, My hand is extended.  Take My hand and don’t let go, let us walk out this wonderful journey together, hand in hand.  For everything that I’ve shown and spoken over your lives shall be.  This is your season to be totally amazed by your father because eyes have not seen nor ear heard that which I have prepared for you.  I say to you, rejoice and again I say rejoice because the time has come.       

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