Firm Foundation Synopsis


Each session is a 13 week course, with an orientation, 11 classes and a Completion Celebration.


Firm Foundation I class topics include:


How to Grow and Develop Faith

Victory over Sin

Abiding in the Presence of God        

Denying Self

How to Study the Bible          

How to Serve God

Walking in Righteousness

How to Pray

Develop a Relationship with the Holy Spirit

How to Walk in the Fruit of the Spirit               


Firm Foundation II class topics include: 


Spiritual Warfare                  


Communion and the Blood


Time Management for Ministry

Spirit of Offense

The Power of the Name of Jesus                      


Renewal of the Mind

Spiritual Gifts


Firm Foundation III class topics include: 


Worship Part II          


Intercession Part II

How to Study the Bible Cont’

How to Study the Bible Cont’ Part II

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting Part II          


Supernatural Part II   

Divine Connections   


What is Firm Foundation?


Firm Foundation provides biblical discussion courses to enhance your relationship with God and promote fellowship with other believers. The small group classes provide the opportunity to explore the Word of God, ask questions, fellowship, and have your faith increased as you participate and complete the assignments.


How long are the courses?


Each session offers a 13 week course, beginning with an orientation, 11 weeks of classes and ends with a completion celebration.


When and where are the sessions held?


We offer 2 sessions per year:  Fall and Winter. The sessions are held on Saturdays at 12:30 to 2:00pm in the VCMI (Suitland) classrooms.


What are the dates of the sessions for 2018?


The winter session begins on February 3, 2018 and ends on May 5, 2018. The fall session begins on September 8, 2018 and ends on December 15, 2018.


How do I register for the courses and how much does it cost?


You can click here to register online or visit the VCMI information booth to register in person; provide your contact information. The course is free.


What is a Completion Celebration?


If you attend at least 8 out of the 11 courses, you will receive a certificate of completion.  We give out the certificates at the Completion Celebration where we have fun games and fellowship.  This is open to you and your family.


Do you have to be a member of VCMI to take the courses?


No, Firm Foundation is open to all.


Can I take Firm Foundation II classes without taking Firm Foundation 1?


You are required to complete Firm Foundation I, then move on to Firm Foundation II since the classes are designed to be building blocks. 


Can I take Firm Foundation III classes without taking Firm Foundation II?


You are required to complete Firm Foundation II then move on to Firm Foundation III since the classes are designed to be building blocks. 


Why do you have Part II classes in Firm Foundation III?


Firm Foundation III Part II classes are practical application of the topic discussed. The first class is a discussion of the topic and the student will be given homework; Part II of the class will be a student leading discussion of the homework given or an application of the lesson (worship session). The goal is to provide an opportunity to apply what you learned in a safe environment.


Who is a good point of contact if I have more questions?


You can contact Minister Kim Lewis at