Spirit Week

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PLEASE READ: What’s New in Chrisma


With social distancing allowing us to spend much needed time at home with our family and loved ones, We know that you need an outlet (for your own sanity lol). Your Chrisma leadership has solved that issue for you.



We are encouraging you (with your permission and supervision) to download the following social media platforms if you have not:


Instagram, Twitter, and Zoom. We are meeting teens where they are...virtually.


Teen and Parents can follow us on:

Twitter @VCMITeens   &   Instagram @ChrismaTeens


We are also planning to have Chrisma via virtual meetups starting this week via zoom. WE WANT THE TEENS TO STILL HAVE ACCES TO THE WORD AND USE THIS TIME TO BUILD A STRONGER FOUNDATION FOR THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.


Starting this week we are kicking off our Chrisma Spirit Week. Teens who participate are encouraged to post their pics and videos on their social media using the hashtag #ChrismaSpiritWeek.


Also,  pics and videos can be submitted  to chrisma@vcmi.org.  We will upload them to the Chrisma ministry pages and create a highlight video.


Chrisma leadership is here to serve the teens more now than ever.


Love you all