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Chrisma Baptism Instruction


We congratulate you on your decision to be baptized.


We encourage you to invite your family and friends to the baptism because this is truly a very special occasion.  It will allow you the opportunity to share with others your love and identification with Christ.


The baptism will take place Saturday, August 6, 2016 to conclude the Chrisma Advance.  Applications are due  by August 1st,  2016 so certificates can be provided on the day of baptism.


Prerequisites: (Teen)


Gaurdian must complete the release form provided.


Teeen must be at least 13 years old.

The teen must demonstrate an understanding of salvation and baptism. 

You must be registered for the 2016 Chrisma Advance.


Release forms signed by a  guardian must be on file or the teen will not be able to participate. 


What you will need to bring:

·         1 large towel to wrap in after coming out of the baptismal pool

·         1 swim cap to protect hair (optional)

·         1 change of clothes and undergarment

·         1 pair of shower shoes/flip flops or socks

·         1 plastic bag to place wet clothes and towel in after baptism 



Note:   During the water baptism, wear comfortable, dark and loose fitting clothes.  Avoid wearing light colors or white due to them becoming sheer/transparent when wet. Photographs may be taken by family or friends.